Shareowner Online Comcast

How do I Manage my investment in Comcast as a shareholder?

Register for online access to your shareholder account If you are a direct shareholder, you automatically have an account with our transfer agent. Sign up for online access to your account, which will allow you to manage your investment in Comcast, get questions answered and much more. Sign Up Now Already have an account? Log In Now

What does shareowner online allow me to do?

Shareowner Online allows you access to your single account or to your portfolio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; at home, at work, or at play. Access, monitor and manage your accounts at any time. We work to ensure privacy and security during your online sessions.

How do I contact EQ Shareowner Services?

EQ Shareowner Services Toll-free: 888-883-8903 Outside the US: 651-554-3873 Send written correspondence to our transfer agent: EQ Shareowner Services

Are You an indirect shareholder of Comcast?

Indirect Shareholders. If you hold your stock through a broker, you are an indirect shareholder. Your broker can help you buy or sell shares of Comcast stock or answer questions about your investment. You can sign up for eDelivery of materials through your broker or here.