Skyward Login Lockhart

What is a returning Lockhart ISD student?

You are considered a returning Lockhart ISD student if you were enrolled in Lockhart ISD on the last day of school. This TEA required registration is done by updating your child’s information in Skyward Family Access along with participating in the district’s back to school activities.

Can skyward change my account information or Reset my Password?

Skyward does not have access to your account and is unable to change any of your personal information or settings. Q: How can I reset my password? A: Please contact the school or district office for assistance. Skyward does not have the ability to perform a password reset.

Does Lockhart ISD accept new transfers for 2021-2022?

Lockhart ISD accepts new transfers for students who reside outside of the district per revised policy FDA (LOCAL). Lockhart ISD has waived the annual tuition fee for all Out-of-District Transfer Requests for 2021-2022.