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What is SongCast and how does it work?

Created for independent artists, SongCast aims to give tools and resources to help artists promote and sell music online. SongCast is loaded with features that allow the artist to concentrate on what they do best, making music.

Why should I Sell my Music on SongCast?

People from all over the world will be able to listen to your music, and you can use this radio network as a platform to promote your music to them. What’s even better, artists selling music online through SongCast are able to keep all of their royalties,…

Is SongCast the best music distributor?

Compared to others, Songcast is the best distributor. I really like them and recommend them to everyone. The sales of our music has been… The sales of our music has been excellent through this platform. SoundCast is Professional Doorway for…