Spartan Email Login

What is Spartan mail?

It provides management of email and calendaring features in a common environment. Spartan Mail replaced the legacy email system previously accessed through Access your account at or through Spartan 365 using the Outlook app.

What is the difference between legacy email and Spartan mail?

Spartan Mail offers multiple upgrades over the Legacy Email system, including: Increased email, calendaring, security, and collaboration features across your devices. Up to 25GB of data storage available with your upgraded account.

Why choose Spartan College?

Spartan College has been training professionals for aviation and related industries. We provide a supportive educational environment that encourages active participation in learning while providing quality career-oriented education programs. Spartan alumni are as diverse as the aerospace industry itself.

What is Spartan Drive and how does it work?

Spartan Drive offers users a simple way to store, sync and share files with other people and devices. The files stored in Spartan Drive can be accessed directly from a web browser or from an operating system. Available for students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Access Spartan Drive at and learn more about Spartan Drive.