Sri Timesheets

What is the timesheet policy for timesheets at Sri?

SRI’s Timesheet Policy. The grace period for completing timesheets has changed to 12:00 midnight each business day, with system floor checks run daily. If an employee fails a floor check and is not able to provide an acceptable reason, the occurrence will count as one failed floor check.

What is the timesheet calculator?

The Timesheet Calculator is an online tool which you can freely use to easily and efficiently compute time spent on work, based on your physical paper timesheets. It is relatively convenient to use where you just need to input the time-in and time-out that will give you the total computations.

Are electronic timesheets available for the FEA family?

Electronic Timesheets are now available for all CDCS And CSG Payroll Model (FEA) families. Contact your MRCI Program Specialist at 800-829-7110 to take advantage of this time-saving benefit.

Why choose Sri?

SRI has a history of creating a more effective, cost efficient business system, since 1988. Our experience allows us to provide large business solutions with small business agility and adaptability. Our services are supported by a technology base that consists of experience and expertise in all C4IM services.