Student Tracc

What is studenttrac?

StudentTrac is capable of storing an unlimited number of searchable student files. Reduce paperwork by tracking attendance and delivering progress reports online. With StudentTrac, there’s no need for office staff to input daily attendance. Our system will compile it for you.

Why choose studenttrac for your classroom management?

Fortunately, StudentTrac provides a single cloud-based solution that is intuitive, highly configurable, and fully compliant with state and federal regulations. This truly innovative system is designed to help reduce your administrative costs and free up valuable time for teachers so they can focus on the needs of every student.

Is the studenttrac system CSIS compliant?

The StudentTrac database and reporting functionality is CSIS-compliant and CALPADS-capable. As new state or federal requirements arise, we can implement the required updates to the system within the guided state or federal timelines, so you can remain in compliance without missing a beat.