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What is the relationship between Sungard Availability Services and Strohl?

Strohl Systems became the software division of SunGard Availability Services, located in King of Prussia, PA In 2010, Sungard acquired 365 Hosting Limited cloud computing and data centre services company [13]

When did SunGard acquire Comdisco?

In 2001, SunGard acquired Comdisco Inc.’s computer disaster-recovery business after a U.S. appeals court rebuffed a request by the Justice Department to halt the $825 million transaction. [10] In 2004, SunGard acquired Systems & Computer Technology Corp. (SCT) for $590 million in cash. [11]

Is Datatel owned by SunGard?

[16] In August 2011 Datatel and SunGard’s Higher Education group announced a definitive agreement to combine businesses and operate as one company, with Datatel’s current chief executive officer, John Speer, the chief executive officer.

What happened to SunGard and GL Trade?

The deal was considered to be financially hazardous, given that GL Trade reported revenues of €203 million and an EBITDA of €26 million (fiscal year 2007). In 2008, SunGard acquired Strohl Systems, an IT company, a direct competitor of SunGard in availability and recovery planning, for an estimated $450 Million cash transaction.