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What is the customer service number for Time Warner?

Time Warner Cable Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number:1 (888) 892-2253. Shortcut: N/A – Edit.

Is time Warner Cable the same as Comcast?

When viewed as a complete package, Comcast and Time Warner are virtually identical. It can be truthfully said that neither service offers any item that the other does not match almost exactly. When it comes to the big picture, Comcast and Time Warner are twins, practically joined at the hip.

Did time Warner Cable merge with Comcast?

Today, we announced Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable have reached a definitive agreement to merge, creating a world-class technology and media company.

Does time Warner Cable offer military discount?

Does Time Warner Cable offer Military discounts? Time Warner Cable does offer active military members and veterans, as well as their immediate family members, a special discount in store. Be sure to bring proper identification and be aware that this discount can’t be combined with other percent-off, dollar-off, or age-specific discounts.