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What is the starting pay at TJ Maxx?

Starting wage changed from $9 to $11- but people who have been there years don’t get anything extra. How is this fair? So- the starting pay at my TJ Maxx was $9 an hour when I first started working there. I have been there 3 years- through 3 performance reviews, which had moved me up over the years to making $10.80.

What is TJ Maxx customer service phone number?

To make a TJ Maxx credit card payment by phone, follow these steps: Gather your credit card and banking account information, including your bank routing number. Call the customer service number for your card type. TJX Rewards credit card: 800-952-6133. TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard: 877-890-3150.

What is the employee discount at TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx provides their employees with a 10 percent discount on all of their purchases. What day does TJ Maxx do markdowns? Wednesday mornings are the best time to shop. Stores often receive fresh item shipments three to five days a week, with Wednesday being the day when they mark everything down to clearance prices.

What are the benefits of working at TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx Pay & Benefits reviewsProductive. In rapid pack , it’s a fast paced environment. …Competitive work. …Great coworkers! …Typical retail job. …Nice place. …Fun and interesting. …Cashier. …Flexible hours, minimum wage, work environment varies on management. …No room to advance and bad pay, good people and benefits. …Has its Pros and its Cons. …

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