Usaid Remote

What does USAID do?

USAID is the world’s premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results.

Who can use the USAID single sign-on system?

You may not rely on any statements or informal policies purporting to provide you with any expectation of privacy regarding communications on this system, whether oral or written, by your supervisor or any other official, except USAID CIO USAID Staff and Contractors may use the USAID Single Sign-On system to authenticate.

What are the challenges facing USAID and its implementing partners?

In the current operating environment, USAID and implementing partners face new challenges in implementing activities, monitoring progress, collecting data, and tracking indicators. As we adapt our approaches, we will work with implementing partners to find innovative, responsible, and safe ways to monitor and evaluate programming.

What is the agency Remote Monitoring Guide?

This guide provides information for Agency staff and implementing partners on remote monitoring techniques and when they can be employed. We encourage use of this guide to identify and pursue appropriate remote-monitoring approaches for your needs.