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Why stream with Vaders?

Stream your games & PPV events in multiscreen that no one had ever offered. This is TV on your terms, not your TV companies. No useless channels, no one-size-fits-all models, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees, and we don’t do auto renew so there is no need to cancel. No other TV provider can deliver the channels you get with Vaders.

How many devices can I watch Vader channel on at once?

TV, Sports, Movies, PPV Events and news live and On Demand Stream on up to five devices at the same time over 3 different IPs Vader Channel list (please note we do not control what gets added/removed) *** replace XXXX with your username & password given in the email

How do I install Vader streams on my Philips TV?

EPG SETTINGS>UNCHECK PVR INTEGRATION * Vader Streams is now installed and ready to use. * The Add-on can now be opened from HOME screen > Add-Ons > Vader Streams.

How do I enable Vader add-on?

* HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button * > Enable Unknown Sources. * > Add Source. * Enter // in the top box > Enter VADER in the bottom box > OK. * Install from zip file > VADER > > . * Wait for Add-on enabled notification.