Www Forwardhealth Wi Gov Portal

What is the forwardhealth portal?

The ForwardHealth Portal serves as the interface to ForwardHealth interChange, the new Medicaid Management Information System for the state of Wisconsin. Through this portal, providers, managed care organizations, partners, and trading partners can electronically and securely submit, manage, and maintain health records for members under their care.

How do I submit additional supporting clinical information to forwardhealth?

If submitting supporting clinical information via mail or fax, providers are prompted to print a system-generated Portal PA Cover Sheet to be sent with the information to ForwardHealth for processing. Providers must list the additional supporting information on the Portal PA Cover Sheet.

How do I submit my PA request to forwardhealth?

All PA request attachment forms are available on the Portal to download and print to submit by fax or mail. Providers may also choose to submit their PA request on the Portal and mail or fax the PA attachment(s) and/or additional supporting documentation to ForwardHealth.

How do I log in Towi forwardhealth bi?

WI ForwardHealth BI launch pad Enter your user information, and click “Log On”. If you are unsure of your account information, contact your system administrator. System: SAP System: SAP Client: User Name: Password: Authentication: EnterpriseLDAPWindows AD Help