What is hsvpoa?

The Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association, HSVPOA, is a private, tax-exempt homeowners’ association, and the governing body of Hot Springs Village.

What is the hsvpoa doing in Hot Springs Village?

The HSVPOA and the Evening Lions Club will be holding a fundraising event and official launch of Balboa Beach Playground in conjunction with the Evening Lions 50 year anniversary as the oldest charitable organization in Hot Springs Village. Food trucks, cash and door prizes will be awarded.

Where is the POA located?

The POA office is in the heart of Hot Springs Village; however, our team is spread over more than 26,000 acres of beautiful scenic land. Our talented team members are a cut above the rest. There are numerous types of positions offered at the POA.

What do you think about HsV?

Ungrateful greedy HSV is deplorable. I never have and never will set foot inside those gates. Other than election time you can’t access the board. HSA HOA has boxed itself and property owners into a real bad loosing situation. There are 30,000 lots that cannot be given away I am told.