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What is the noobsandnerds Forum?

NoobsandNerds have a forum for each of its add-on where users can discuss problems and provide suggestions to any problem related to the NoobsandNerds Kodi add-on. For posting any queries or suggestions, you need to have NoobsandNerds login ID and password.

What is noobsandnerds repository?

NoobsandNerds Repository sits next to ‘SuperRepo’ as the largest repository list that you can install on Kodi. Once you have installed NoobsandNerds repository, you will have access to many popular Kodi add-ons including MetalliQ, Zen, Bob, SportsDevil Launcher, and many others.

How to install Noobs and Nerds on Windows 10?

Click on Install from zip file > Noobs and Nerds > Click on Noobsandnerds Repo (1.7).zip. Now click on Install from repository > Video Add-ons > Now click on any of the add-ons that you want to install from the list e.g. Bob, SportsDevil Launcher, The Red Pill, etc > Click Install and wait for the add-on to enable.

Why noobsandnerds is the best Kodi add-on repository?

Most add-ons pull in content from dozens of external sources. Those sources can disappear overnight, creating broken links and dead content. If the developers don’t stay on top of the situation their add-on quickly becomes useless. Noobsandnerds is a Kodi add-on repository that bypasses this frustration by focusing on quality.