Www Sears Mastercard Com Login

How to activate your Sears MasterCard?

To activate you will need to take the following steps:To activate your sears card online, you’ll need to do a few things. …Turn your card over and on the back there are three numbers. The first number is “NY ” and indicates which state your card is in. …3-numbers indicate the city where your account is located. If it’s 0 there means you live in New York and if it’s 1 for example shows up next to Chicago. …

How do I log on to my Sears account?

How do I access my Sears account online? Access your Sears credit card account online by visiting the Sears credit card login page. Enter your username and password on the login screen. After you’ve entered the login details, select the orange “Sign On” button. Enter your name as it appears on the card. Is there a mobile app for Sears …

How to pay Sears MasterCard?

You can make payments on your Sears MasterCard at the Sears MasterCard website, by mail or in person at any Sears or K-Mart store. To pay online, visit the Sears MasterCard website, click the My Account link near the top-right corner of the page and log in or register.

How do I Activate my Sears Card online?

First, call the toll-free number for Sears Master Card (i.e. …To activate your Sears Master Card, press the right number.The operator will now connect to you and request details to activate your Sears Master Card.Your Sears Master Card Number, your name, security code and the last four digits from your SSN (Social Security Number) will be required.

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