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What is XACT?

WHAT IS XACT? Xact is an online-only installment loan with larger loan amounts and longer terms, giving customers the funds they need to consolidate debt into one easy payment. The Xact Loan may also build credit. 2 We know monitoring and managing your credit score is important, when you have an Xact Loan, you get access to free credit monitoring.

Will XAT ask me for my email password?

IMPORTANT: xat will NEVER ask you for your email password. Only use your email password to log in to your email. Please read the Phishing info page. Please confirm you want to log out.

What is a XAT group?

Groups are fully customizable and can be members only if you want to restrict it to your friends. You can use your xats and days to buy special powers for the xat box. These include sets of custom smilies, special effects and abilities and group powers which add extra features to your xat group.

How do you get started with XAT?

Register an account. Find a xat group that shares your interests. Make your own xat group. Get and trade Powers. Play a multiplayer game. Design your own animated avatar character. Send stickers with custom text.